The present user agreement (“Agreement”) is a contract between “you” as a “user” and, a platform owned by the company LSNI Solutions Inc., Corporation Number: 901472-1, Business Number 837545391, having its registered office in 119 Hawkwood Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (“BitCanuck”, “us” or “ours”).

This agreement applies to the use:

(A) of the site, available at the address, as well as of any other hosted/ associated sites;

(B) of any of the services offered through, together with the website, “Bitcanuck Services”.

By giving your consent with regard to the creation of a user’s account on the platform, or by using any of the Bitcanuck services, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all of the terms and conditions comprised in the present agreement, as well as the privacy policy.

This agreement sets out the entire understanding between the user and with regard to the object of the present act and it replaces any other discussion, as well as all the preceding discussions, agreements and understanding of any kind (including without limitation any previous versions of the present agreement), as well as any financial relations between you and

If, after having read this agreement in its entirety, you still have doubts or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact BitCanuck Support, at the email address [email protected].

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Present Platform:

By using and registering on this website, you accept the terms and conditions of use mentioned hereinafter, being necessary to read them carefully.

The platform, is registered with the company LSNI Solutions Inc., and allows users to buy cryptocoins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCASH, as well as other cryptocoins that the user wishes to acquire).

Our platform, and implicitly LSNI Solutions Inc., cannot be held liable in any way if you send the cryptocoin to an incorrect address or you send the wrong amount of cryptocoins. Also, the platform, as well as the hosting company, cannot be held liable for the inaccuracies/ disagreements/ mistakes/ errors, which the user might commit.

You are directly liable and agree, and implicitly declare on own oath the fact that the documents that you use to acquire cryptocoins of any kind (DNI, identity card, passport, driving license, as well as any other documents you have to present as being appropriate and conclusive in the conclusion of the procedures of registration on the website, as well as of acquisition of cryptocoins), on the platform, belong to you, are legal, have been issued by the competent institutions of the state where you belong. Also, you declare that you have the legal age to acquire cryptocoins using the platform

The market of cryptocoins is very volatile and prone to a quick change of prices. The market price changes in time, so that your cryptocoins might have a much lower value in the future. In fact, cryptocoins can become even completely void of value. Cryptocoins are not supported by any entity. Neither, nor any other entity is bound to buy back your cryptocoins in the future.

Please make sure you fully understand the implied risks and, therefore you do not invest any money that you cannot afford to lose.

We are not responsible if, for various reasons, you cannot access this website. Once you accept these terms and conditions of use, will offer to you an individual, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to access and use our website, as well as our service.

Based on your consent to register on the website, you declare that:

– you agree with the conditions of use;

– you are aged at least 18 years old;

– you are completely competent to accept the present conditions of use for the purpose of fulfilment of any transactions of cryptocoins.

By initiating a transaction, you implicitly confirm that you fulfil at once the following conditions:

1) The cryptocoins that you will acquire will not be used as a means of payment of any unlawful or illegal activities;

2) The acquisition of these cryptocoins is not an activity of money laundering;

3) You are the holder of the account who performs the bank transfer in order to buy cryptocoins;

4) You declare on your own oath that the amount of money in CAD/USD, used to acquire cryptocoins, is not the result of a fraud. In case the contrary is demonstrated, you undertake to borne all the prejudices and any potential legal consequences, or compensations, non-material damage, material damage.

Cookies Policy:

The website, uses cookies.

Cookies represent the data stored on user’s hardware, containing information on the user. If users reject a cookie, they can still use the website Cookies help us track and classify the interests of our users, to enhance their visit on our website.

Privacy Policy: complies with privacy clause relative to the clients’ data and it undertakes not to forward any of the personal data of its clients or its website users to third parties (natural or legal entities), not to trade them, not to undertake any exchanges of data with third parties or other users of the website

The personal data of the clients or users will be used solely for the fulfilment of the purpose for which they have been provided.

Refund and cancellation Policy:

Once submitted a request, the price offer will be available 60 minutes.

Within this timeframe, the payment has to be made, otherwise, the offer will be automatically canceled and the offer will no longer be available.
Once the payment is processed, the cryptocurrency will be funded in the buyers account.
All sales are final, no refunds are available after the payments is processed.

Supplied Services:, by means of the platform, provides users with the possibility to sell or buy cryptocoins.

Buying/ selling operations of cryptocoins that have already been processed are irreversible, and the agreed exchange rate remains the same until the conclusion of the operations.

The buying/ selling rate is guaranteed solely in case of operations for which the amount is credited in one of the Bitcanuck bank accounts, within 60 minutes at most, according to what was mentioned at the time when the operation was initiated, during the working schedule: Monday-Friday, 09 am-17 pm.

If the value of buying operation is not credited in one of the Bitcanuck accounts in the established time of 60 minutes, the exchange rate will be established by Bitcanuck at the time of collection of the amount transferred by the user in the Bitcanuck account, depending on the buying rate available at that time.

If the amount corresponding to the buying operation is credited in one of the Bitcanuck accounts in the established time of 60 minutes, but outside the working schedule, we reserve the right to confirm and approve the buying operation in the following business day, at the buying rate available at that time, by mutual agreement with the client.

The approval of the operation can last between few minutes and 3 days (business days), depending on the means used to transfer the amount, the acquired value, the history of the account and the volatility of the market. The confirmation of the operation by the cryptocoin network varies depending on how busy the network is.

Withdrawing cryptocurrency from your account to your wallent, will be possible only if you withdraw to your personal wallet, we do not accept third party wallets.


You can confirm only one account on the trading platform If you try to open more than one account, such additional account can be suspended or closed. In order to use any of the services supplied by, you must submit a request at the e-mail address [email protected], our team following to contact you in order to initiate your registration as a user of the website. This means you have to provide us, on our request, your identity documents in order to verify your eligibility. Subsequently, after having successfully completed the registration process (if the procedure is complete, and the information and documents provided by you are accurate, conclusive and authentic), will enable your account. From time to time, we can request further information, as a condition to continue using the services.

If you wish to convert the local currency in cryptocoins or the cryptocoins in the local currency agreed by Bitcanuck, directly or by means of some third parties, Bitcanuck may request any information necessary to validate your identity.

It means that several information on the user might be requested, such as the name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, home address, tax identification number, personal identification number, as well as any information relative to the bank account (the financial institution, account type, account number), but also photographs of the user and the identity documents, in order to confirm the identity of the user and for the user to benefit from the services supplied by Bitcanuck.

Bitcanuck is entitled to ask you to answer certain questions or it can take the appropriate actions to verify your identity, thus complying with the legislation in force. As you provide further personal information that might be asked from you, please verify that all the information is correct and authentic and that you agree to inform Bitcanuck whenever your statute/ address/ name/ surname might change, as well as any other identification details of yours.

We reserve the right to keep your registration details after you close the account, for regulatory purposes and for the fulfilment of the applicable legislation.

Password Security and Preservation of the Current Contact Details:

You are responsible for the maintenance of the security and an appropriate control of any ID, passwords, information, personal identification numbers (PIN) or any other codes that you might use in order to access the services supplied by Any loss or corruption of the above information and/ or the personal information can enable the unauthorized access of third parties to your account.

You are responsible for keeping you e-mail address up to date, in your account, in order to receive any notices or alerts that we might send. will not be held liable for any losses or damages caused by the non-fulfilment of rules related to the preservation of the information of the account, or the impossibility to track or act in relation to any notices or alerts that we might send.

In case you consider that the information of your Bitcanuck account has been corrupted, contact immediately the Bitcanuck Support service: [email protected].

We do not hold the liability for any damages or interruptions caused by computer viruses, any spyware or other types of malware which might affect the computer or other equipment, or by other sources of phishing, spoofing or attack.

It is recommended the regular use of a reliable antivirus for malware screening and the prevention software. If you have any doubts with regard to the authenticity of some information allegedly coming from the part of Bitcanuck, you must connect by means of your account, using the website, and not by clicking on the links contained by e-mails.

Account suspension and its closure:

We might, at our own discretion, without being held liable before you or any third party, deny the opening of an account, suspend your account or close your account or reconsider the manner in which one or several services operate. Such actions can be taken following the inactivity of the account, the failure to answer the requests for client support, spam-like activities (for example initiating transactions without completing them in the allotted time) or following the infringement of the terms of the present agreement.

Your account can be suspended in compliance with the requirements of a valid notice or by legal order, or in case that reasonably suspects that you might use your Bitcanuck account for promotion purposes of illegal activities, (without limitation to these) or to open several Bitcanuck accounts or to abusively benefit from the promotions that Bitcanuck might offer from time to time.

If you have any unsettled transactions in an account that has been suspended or closed, you will be able to recover those funds, except for the case in which this is forbidden by law or a legal order.

Bitcanuck, at its choice, will allow you to withdraw these funds from an already known bank account or it will send the funds to an external address known by crypto. We reserve the right to request further identification data before processing such agreements and to delay or forbid these agreements, if Bitcanuck considers that any fraudulent or illegal activities have been carried out. If you do not manage to connect to your account, you will have to contact the support service in order to process such agreements.

You have the right to terminate the present agreement at any time, by interrupting the use of the services offered by Bitcanuck. At the termination of the present agreement and the suspension of your account, you continue to be held liable for all the transactions carried out while the account has been open.

Right to Suspend or Delay Transactions and Settlements:

Bitcanuck reserves the right to refuse the processing or annulment of any ongoing transaction using cryptocoins or any transaction using the local currency connected to your account, according to the legal provisions or as an answer to a notice, a legal order or another binding decision. Bitcanuck cannot reverse the settlement of the cryptocoin that has been communicated and confirmed by the special network for cryptocoins.

Bitcanuck reserves the right to deny a procedure or to annul it, with regard to any acquisition or sale of cryptocoins or any transfers, at its own discretion, if it suspects that the transaction implies, or it presents a high risk of implication in money laundering, the financing of terrorism, a fraud or any other type of financial infringement, tax evasion, as well as any offence provided for by the criminal law, as an answer to a notice, legal order or other governmental order, or if it suspects that the transaction refers to a narrowed activity.

We reserve the right to modify, suspend or interrupt any aspect of the Services, at any time, including the operating hours or the availability of any facility, without a prior notification and without any liability.

We can deny the processing of any transaction or the settlement without a prior notification and we can limit or suspend your right to use one or several services, at any time, at our own discretion.

The suspension of your right to use any of the services will not affect your rights and obligations pursuant to the present agreement. It is possible, at our own discretion, to delay the transactions or agreements, if we consider that the transaction is suspicious or that it might imply any frauds or irregularities, or that its infringes the applicable laws or it infringes the terms of this agreement.

In case of an increased volatility of a market, unforeseen situations on the economic scene or events of force majeure, the transactions and settlements can be subjected to delays. Bitcanuck will not be held liable for these delays, not having any control on these potential events. Bitcanuck is not responsible for these delays due to the settlements subjected to a transfer between banks.


It is your exclusive responsibility to determine if any fees shall be applied, and in which measure, to the transactions of cryptocoins performed by means of the Services, and to retain, collect, report and remit the right values of the fees to the tax authorities from your territory.

Limitation of the Right of Use:

You have the possibility to see, print and/or download a copy of these materials from the website, only for personal, informative, non-advertising use, under the condition that the copyright and the other legal provisions are kept intact.

Cryptocoins of trademarks, service marks, logos, as well as other similar items used on this website are associated with “Bitcanuck”, being owned by the latter and its owners. The software, texts, images, data, prices, graphics, diagrams and the audio materials used on this website are exclusively owed by Bitcanuck.

It is strictly forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify, republish, present and send any part of the website Also, it is forbidden to collect or distribute in any form the above mentioned items.

It is strictly forbidden to use for any purposes, any materials existing on this website, on any other website or any other network of computers. Any such unauthorised use, which infringes the copyright, the trademarks or other laws, can be subjected to civil or criminal sanctions.

Termination of the Collaboration:

You have the possibility of terminate the present agreement with Bitcanuck and to close your account at any time, after the settlement of the ongoing transactions. Moreover, you agree that Bitcanuck can annul the access to this website, and in order to close the account it is necessary the simple consent, at any time and without a prior notification. We have the right to annul, terminate the service and close the account of the members. We have the right to limit the access and content of the website, to remove or delete the content, having as well the permission to take the necessary legal and technical measures to close the account of the member on this website, if we suspect that they create issues aimed to disturb the activity and integrity of Bitcanuck, or that they infringe the intellectual property right of third parties, or that their actions are not consistent and not complying with the “terms and conditions of use”, or that they try to obtain the unauthorized access to this website, or to use this service for illegal purposes, such as money laundering or the unlawful financing of criminal activities.


E-mails sent by means of the Internet are not secured and Bitcanuck is not liable for any damages derived from their transmission. We suggest you to send e-mails using an encrypted format.


To the extent permitted by the law, Bitcanuck is not held liable for the prejudice/ damage, or loss of profit, of business, of data, of opportunities or other direct or indirect losses.

None of the items mentioned above excludes or limits the liability of any of the parties for frauds, death, physical injuries, caused by negligence, the infringement of the clauses deriving from the law or by any other liability which cannot be limited or excluded by law.


If you have any doubts, questions with regard to “the terms and conditions of use” of the platform, in relation to the rights and obligations arising from them, but also to the use of the website, to the service, account and any other issue deriving from them, please contact us at [email protected].

Please take into account the fact that “the terms and conditions of use”, will consistently be amended, updated, completed, in accordance with the amendments of the related applicable legislation made by the competent institutions of the state.