Hublot’s State-of-art meets the crypto world

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Since their 1980’s gold-watch release, Carlo Crocco’s company went a long and elegant way, statement that can be also said about the Bitcoin, created by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, just a few years ago, which has already revolutionized the banking systems worldwide.


At its first watch fair, the descendant of an Italian watchmaker family made a sensation with a watch made of a gold case paired with a rubber bracelet, as a precious material had never been combined before with such a wristband. On the other side, there are the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, already used by millions worldwide. Both innovations had the road unpaved at the beginning, taking people time to discover and benefit them. Hublot and Bitcoin have gone a long way before becoming what they are today and before meeting along the way.


Peer-to-Peer Meca-10 Unveiled

Hublot launched on 6 November their new state-of-art watch called the Big Bang Meca-10 P2P in a limited edition, 210 pieces to be precise, to celebrate ten years since the creation of Bitcoin. “210” as a reference to Bitcoin’s 21 million max cap and the ten years which are referred by the ten days’ power reserve of the watch. The masterpiece can only be bought with bitcoins, and each piece is one of its own. After the purchase, you will get the transaction ID engraved on the bezel’s edge which makes the watch easy to trace if it gets stolen and then shows up for sale. The watch tells the Blockchain story in detail through its own whitepaper, having the whole product theme designed towards this direction: from the gears inside the watch to the blue calfskin leather strap.

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A pure mix of innovation and value from Hublot, powered by bitcoin


Bitcoin comes as an excellent alternative to pay with its advantages. Every customer that could buy one of the 210 Hublot watches will enjoy:

– User anonymity, the purchase is very discrete and only OS Limited (OSL), the Hong Kong company that conducts background checks on the buyers. They will also perform anti-money-laundering checks to make sure the bitcoin comes from a legit source.

– No third-party interruptions, no banks, government or other financial departments can interrupt your transaction. The system is purely peer-to-peer.

– No taxes, since no third party is involved, no sales taxes are added.

– Very low transaction fees, any transfer in Bitcoins is very fast and with low transaction costs on the Blockchain, eliminating the inconvenience of typical authorization requirements.


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