How a Nova Scotia Woman Joined Her Family by using Bitcoin

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Wondering why Halifax, Nova Scotia native, Lauren McDonald* decided to invest in cryptocurrency. Without being a “crypto expert”, Lauren was able to work with BitCanuck Customer Support to learn about how it works and make her investment securely. In our new regular feature, “investor stories”, we look into Lauren’s experience.

Where do you live, and what do you like about living there?
“I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The beach is only 10-15 minutes away and living near the water is really nice.”

Tell me a bit about your family and your job.
Lauren: “I run a retail store with my brother. I’m married 14 years and we have no kids.”

Stepping into BitCoin (Nova Scotia to Australia)

How did you get to be interested in Cryptocurrencies?
“I wanted to make an investment in Australia, and they told me that I had to do it with BitCoin. The Customer Support Representative (CSR) was a lot of help – he explained how it works in detail. I have not gotten much more in-depth on the topic than what the CSR told me.”

How has Customer Service been helping specifically?
Lauren: “First of all, I didn’t realize that I needed wallets. I signed up with BitCanuck and I realized that I had to transfer cash to another wallet. The CSR explained that I had to open up another wallet so I could be in charge of my own BitCoin. He detailed the whole process and he was very helpful. When I called the 1-800 number, I was hoping he would pick up – and every time I called, he did.

Lauren’s Advice

What would you recommend to other investors?
Lauren: I didn’t understand anything about BitCoin when I signed up. I should have learned a bit more about it before I pursued the investment. I learned the hard way, but the CSR explained to me how it works, and how I can make everything happen.

I was following what everyone else in my family was doing by investing in the fund in Australia. But, since BitCanuck is free with no transaction fees, it was not a big deal to start and learn by doing.

How did it work out with the fund?
After a little challenge, in the beginning, they ended up receiving the funds and it worked out well.

If someone were to ask you about BitCanuck, what would you say?
They are a good exchange. They are very helpful, especially if you don’t know much about how the details on BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies.


How BitCanuck can help

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*Name has been changed for privacy purposes.